The Proper Gear in Pouring Concrete

When working in the construction industry, it’s important to wear protective gear and be aware of the hazards. Steel-toed safety boots are the best choice, as they protect your feet from punctures and sharp objects. They also protect your hands and wrists from falling objects and rebar. They are water-resistant, and should be worn when pouring concrete, as well as while finishing operations. A pair of disposable gloves is also recommended. 

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Alkaline-resistant gloves and goggles are also important to protect your hands from the dangers of wet concrete.

Wearing alkaline-resistant gloves and safety goggles is important as wet concrete can damage your eyes and cause permanent vision loss. OSHA also recommends that you wear protective safety goggles while working with wet and cold concrete. In addition to wearing protective safety goggles and gloves, workers should also wear a pair of protective safety goggles to protect their eyes.

A long sleeve shirt and waterproof work boots should be worn when working with concrete. When using a shovel, it’s a good idea to wear a long sleeve shirt and rubber gloves. However, do not wear anything too tight or too loose. Besides protecting your feet, work boots should be easy to clean and lightweight. If you have leather boots, you can use leather conditioners to keep them soft. The toes should have some room to wiggle and a protective face shield.

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