Will Concrete stick to Wood?

The Perfect Pair: 7 Projects Fusing Raw Concrete With Delicate Woodwork -  Architizer Journal

When concrete is poured on a wood surface, some of the concrete will probably not sink into the wood. However, if concrete is poured on a concrete surface and it sinks into the wood, then the concrete will stick to the wood because it has “stuck” to the surface. How does this happen? It really depends on how much time, effort and money was put into the project.

For instance, if a wood surface is poured over concrete that has been poured and the concrete holds up for at least a year, the concrete contractors may be able to charge less than they would for concrete that did not hold up as long. It could even be cheaper for them if it is extremely difficult to pour concrete onto a wood surface. Some concrete contractors use wood shavings or pieces of plywood to help fill in grooves in the wood. These small pieces can be added in small amounts and mixed together to make very strong concrete. The concrete contractors use a large amount of sand when finishing concrete in order to level off surfaces, and it is important that this finish be as good as possible so that it will not chip and become uneven over time.

If you are asking the question, ” Does concrete stick to wood? “, then you should see concrete contractors use wood shavings. They may charge you less, but you will know that you have the best concrete on the market.

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