Can Concrete be Recycled?

Recycling and Reusing Concrete


How can concrete be recycled? It can be recycled as long as it has been prepared properly. A lot of people do not really know that concrete can actually be recycled, although they know that it can be made into new items like new driveways and sidewalks.

If you’re wondering how can concrete be recycled, then let me give you a brief idea on the process.

  1. If your house needs to be destroyed or renovated and you need to dispose of materials from it such as old bricks and concrete, then you can have them recycled and use them somewhere else.
    • This saves a lot of money because once in place, these materials cannot be recycled again.
    • In fact, if it’s used more than once, it could even save you money because you would save the cost of demolishing the lot just to put the rubble to use elsewhere.
  2. Another way on how can concrete be recycled is by making it into new aggregates like sand and gravel, which saves a lot of money.
    • Aggregates such as sand and gravel are very useful because it’s use can help in landscaping as well.
    • These aggregates can be used for patios, walkways, driveways, and even bridges, since they provide traction, are easy to clean and maintain.
    • There are also concrete contractors who can perform mixing, grinding, coloring, and sealing of concrete as well. This way, they can customize and create concrete products that can be mixed, grouted, and sealed for each customer’s specifications.

To answer your question, Concrete can be recycled.

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