Do Concrete Blocks Waterproof?

The short answer is yes. They will not stop all water damage, but they are far superior to any other material that waterproofs. In fact, concrete blocks were first invented as a way to waterproof roads, and have been used ever since for this purpose. They are effective at stopping all forms of water damage and they will also repel insects and mold spores, making them ideal for use in bathrooms, even pools, for the same reason.

What makes concrete waterproof?

  • It’s a cementitious substance containing magnesium and calcium carbonate that when hardened is actually impervious to water. This is similar to how concrete is impervious to most acids, though it does crack somewhat as it dries.
  • A concrete block that is made up of ten parts magnesium to one part calcium carbonate has the highest water-resistance index of all concrete materials. While ten parts seems like a lot, it is actually much less than most other types of materials.
  • Twenty parts will stop water damage from leaking into a structure by one inch, and thirty parts will stop water damage by inches.
  • if you use them, your walls, floors, and basement will be waterproofed. Any other material can not be as effective as concrete in this area, as blocks are so tough that any water that comes through the walls will simply seep through and out.
  • If the walls or floors are not waterproof, then the structure cannot be repaired. If the structure can not be repaired, then the house can be lost. So, as you can see, there are many more reasons why your home needs to be waterproofed now.

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