Does concrete dry in the rain?

Well, that depends on what kind of concrete you are working with. As concrete contractors we don’t like to answer this as it would rather put a damper on our fun and work. In fact, all contractors will agree that if concrete can dry in the rain, it is safe to do so. But, does concrete dry in the rain all the time? It depends on how it was created, how it is laid and how it is worked upon.

Let’s start with the first scenario – if you are pouring concrete in the rain, the chances of water seeping into the concrete is very high and can cause some serious damage to the material. For this reason, concrete contractors will suggest that you use a trowel and water-proof sponges to stop the water from seeping into the material. This is especially applicable when doing work at the base of a concrete structure where the chance of water damage due to the rain is very high. A trowel and sponges will stop the rainwater from getting to the concrete and thus prevent any serious damage.

So, does concrete mix dry in the rain? Well, after the concrete has been poured, its surface is still damp and needs some time to dry. Its surface can take about two hours to dry fully. The reason being that even after the initial pouring of concrete mix into the pore, it will still take at least two hours for the concrete mix to dry completely. In short, YES, Concrete can dry in the rain. 

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