Know the Concrete Mix

What is concrete mix? Concrete Mix Design or concrete modeling is an approach to suitably fit the composition of various concrete products to attain the desired quality and performance at various job cycles. The concrete mix is basically a blend of aggregate, sand and cement. Mixing and laying concrete requires expertise because the fine details of concrete formulation and fine-tuning require advanced knowledge, expertise and skill.

Aggregates used in concrete mixtures are gravel, crushed stone, fine aggregate (crystal silica, silicon carbide, polyvinyl chloride) and sand. Sand serves as the main component of concrete while the other aggregate types serve as moisture distributors, heat insulation, and sound suppressors. All these serve as tools for the concrete makers to meet the toughest challenges on how to come up with quality concrete products that are both strong and durable. For instance, the water-cement ratio in concrete mixtures is vital to the strength and the durability of the finished concrete. The higher the water-cement ratio, the better the strength and the durability of the concrete.

In concrete batching plants, concrete mix is distributed through a roller conveyor belt or by manual pneumatic pressure. Once the fine aggregates, gravel and sand are rolled into the concrete batching plant, they are then passed through a heat-resistant drum roller that seals and hardens them. Once the concrete batch is hardened, it is then shot or sprayed with fine water that seals the concrete and provides a glossy finish.

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